2nd Annual Internet of Things Europe 2010 – Day 2

A few notes from Day 2 of « The 2nd Annual Internet of Things Europe 2010: A Roadmap for Europe« .

(Suite des fragments de notes en anglais de la 2ème Conférence sur l’Internet des Objets à Bruxelles, 150 professionnels du monde entiers, industriels, startups, organismes, associations, membres du Parlement européen et de la Commission, des conférences de qualités, des rencontres de personnages clé de l’industrie, une excellente conférence)

Again, four different tracks / points of view in this 2nd day, Privacy and security, Creating a climate to encourage investment, Governance and public policy & Enabling IOT – the short and long term view

Session 5 – Privacy and security – Morning Chair – Patrick van Eecke, Partner, DLA Piper

Peter Hustinx, European Data Protection Supervisor

Peter Hustinx, European Data Protection Supervisor

Peter Hustinx, Supervisor, European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS)

Is the Internet of things the « Internet of Everything … else ? Information technology being pervasive, data protection is ever more relevant. Many texts about DP in EU org. (EU charter, Stockholm program, Digital agenda, Lisbon treaty, other directives..) confusing ? EU Data protection terms – framework / trends / wisdom , how can IOT companies s apprehend all these texts in their development ? European Data Protection Trends – international standards, privacy by design, accountability, exercising rights, effective supervision EU Commission Digital Agenda (including RFID apps, social network, on-line adv, cloud computing) – Privacy by design . On top of the EU Data Protection framework, many additional international « frameworks » inc. US, OECD, ISO, Madrid standards EU Data Protection « Effectiveness in practice / trust in information society » Many questions about the guidelines implementation The EU Data Protection Supervisor site for more details http://www.edps.europa.eu

Chiara Giovannini, ANEC (EU backed European consumer association ) explained why privacy and security should be by default

Joseph Alhadeff, Vice President of Global Public Policy and Chief Privacy Officer, Oracle

The Spandex rule « it’s not because you can that you should » Privacy by design means privacy should be thought at the idea level, from the start of any IoT project.

Jaap-Henk Hoepman, TNO ICT
Nice fake IOT Google screen « Where are my f****g » keys ? » Google answer « on the fridge where you left them » « Don’t kill the Internet of Things by doing stupid things

A real debate around opt-in only RFID use.

Explaining the importance of the « default » settings. Privacy by design is not a technology issue but a system one, If privacy by design is a system issue, then who’s responsible ? Peter Hustinx, EDPS

A comment from GS1 NL, « There are no good tags and bad tags but a good or bad use of them »

Session 5 – Privacy and security

Session 5 – Privacy and security

Session 6: Creating a climate to encourage investment

Luis Rodriguez-Rosello, Acting Director « Converged Networks and Services », European Commission

Future Internet – Public Private Partnership. Unless mistaken, EU has a 1,5 Billion € fund to help research on the future Internet including EU FI-PPP funding plan approach – large scale projects, system, open sharing, synergy, all sectors 1st point of the FI PPP – Broadband deployment to be fueled by new services.–> Usage with help BB deployment EU will make infrastruct. avail. to develop new services including sensor data for EU cities, call opens sept

Florent Frederix, Head of RFID Sector, European Commission

listing around 40 EU funded RFID/IoT cluster projects (CASAGRAS, RACE… ) IoT is part of the European Economic Recovery plan (transport, mobility, logistics, health..)

Good question by @petertettelaar Will people in future Smart Cities work in Smart Factories, Virtual Factories, Digital factories? EU RFID and Internet of Things Cluster web site http://bit.ly/cXqy6k in Europe we’re better at helping startups/research than SMEs

Bernard Benhamou, Ministry of Research, France

Bernard Benhamou, Ministry of Research, France

Bernard Benhamou, Delegate to Internet Usages, French Ministry of Research

More mobile device to connect to the Internet than PC in 2012, opportiunities for Europe European mobile market is a major asset Europe is a large market, a hitech market, with lots of content, 3 key advantages to buid IoT servicesWe need to help small EU companies (aka Small Business Act)We need online services, mobiles services and soon to come IOT services Make it simple to small companies to build the new services, 2012 more mobile device to connect to the Internet than PC, Europe (and France) have also to help medium size companies, Bernard Benhamou mentions a mobile portale for French citizens http://www.proximamobile.fr/

Marylin Arndt, ETSI / Orange presenting M2M service layer specs, a key component of the IOT Looking at the current M2M standards map, ETSI goal to simplify, legitimate to develop IOT

Marisa Jimenez, Public Policy Director Europe, GS1 Global Office
Identify, Capture, Share – GS1 motto, douting the EC ICT standardisation plan to be ready in 2012 According to EC ICT standardization plan, IOT means a convergence of electronic ID. Do you agree ?

Session 6: Creating a climate to encourage investment

Session 6: Creating a climate to encourage investment

The French IOT Connection

The French IOT Connection

Session 7: Governance and public policy – Afternoon chair: Robert Schumann, Analysys Mason

Gérald Santucci, Head of Unit, RFID, European Commission

Gérald Santucci, Head of Unit, RFID, European Commission

Gérald Santucci, Head of Unit, RFID, European Commission

Design conceptual architecture for the iot – « there is a clear needs for iot governance » The EC is working on IoT issues since 2005.Europe 2020 covers IoT issues (interoperability, data protection, digital Europe, innovation, competitiveness). Current debate around the EU governance of IOT – government lead, private led, mixed led, The IOT is much larger than RFID and supply chain technologies, The tools will not silence the words, but will amplify them Jacques Attali The difficulty is not technical, it is to get all stakeholders together and to agree

Ali Rezafard, Senior Software Architect, Afilias Ltd
Comparing the world wide web and the EPC network (GS1 framework around the EPC product code)

Patrik Fältström, Senior Consulting Engineer, Cisco Systems Member, Internet Architecture Board Advisor to the Swedish Government

‘The internet of things is really going back to the roots of the internet » Pushing for the use of Internet technologies to build IoT services to allow integration of both networks

Peter Gabriel, Project Leader, Institute for Innovation + Technology at VDI/VDE-IT GmbH, Germany
IOT as a market place, should be open to applications, participants,IOT is a market place, for innovation and SMEs IOT as an infrastructure, any regulation should not impact technology
Q – When internet was built by small groups of academics, instead of corp, why can’t we do that again with IoT? One DNS Internet (monopoly or standard) / 2 ONS (IoT equivalent) is competition better ? Patrik Fölstrôm, Gérald Santucci, Bernard Benhamou

Session 7: Governance and public policy

Session 7: Governance and public policy

Session 8: Enabling IOT – the short and long term view – Daniel Karrenberg, Chairman, ISOC

Why IP for The Internet of Things? JP Vasseur, Cisco

2-3 year ago, the « my environment has specific requirements and requires a specific solution » syndrome, Protocol translation gateways are the wrong approach for the IoT,pushing for the use of IP as the IoT architecture IP is not greedy anymore IPSO Alliance, http://www.ipso-alliance.org uIPV6 already ported to Arduino http://bit.ly/aioNmJ IoT is coming : emergence of key apps, momentum for ipv6, standardization, alliances

Robert Schumann & Jean Prévost, groupe Casino

Robert Schumann & Jean Prévost, groupe Casino

IoT services in the City of Tomorrow Jean Prevost, Director of Innovation, Groupe Casino
IOT in action within smart connected citiesConsumers KW: stress, information discount, transformation, « nomadism », discount again, China, new tech, behaviour »women – there are so changed ! » great verbatim from Jean Prevost Women KW – school, home cooking, children, love, Casino is designing solutions for these KW. we’re now « screenagers ». finger shopping by Casino coming, Casino part of the Nice city, NFC experiment (you can pay with #NFC phone) Casino part of the Smart Connected city / Panammes project – Institut de la Vision http://bit.ly/cD0Dqv

David de Roure , webscience trust, http://webscience.org/home.html Another IoT definition – « where the digital worlds meets the physical world » Semantic web – language for recording relations between data and real objects

Enabling new applications and services Hartwig Tauber, Director General, FTTH Council Europe
FTTH stands for Fibre to the Home
FTTH users – US 7,6 M, Europe 2,5 M Asia 38 M FTTH is not only about bandwidth, it’s also about Quality of Service

Session 8: Enabling IOT - the short and long term view

Session 8: Enabling IOT - the short and long term view

Rob van Kranenburg, Council

Rob van Kranenburg, Council

Summary from conference chair and the view ahead Rob van Kranenburg, Founder, Council
In a keyword format, privacy vs. privaciES, data deluge, being done, ubiquitous computing, open source, zetabytes, EC, plethora, governance, RFID, FTTH, EPC, Pachube, Arduino, citizen, data protection, cloud, business models, M2M, IPv6

The end of a great conference.
Notes from day 1
Pictures from the event

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