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The goal of this site is to present in an easy-to-read format and practical way, innovation in general and innovations and new usages of contactless technologies such as  barcodes, smart cards, RFID, NFC, M2M, Zigbee, … and more globally the Internet of Things (IoT) and related fields such as robotics and the Digital Home. These technologies, already silently part of our environment, in our clothes, ID cards, ski pass, highway toll pass, professionnal badges, transportation cards and soon in our mobile phones, are enabling new usages for every one of us and they are a great source of innovation in our enterprises.

About me

A French citizen by birth and an optimistic world citizen by heart, I have been part of the development of two major and exciting technology adventures, the micro-computing (hardware and software ) Commodore, Apricot, Borland) industry in the 80’s and the Internet (CompuServe, AOL) starting in the mid 90’s) in product marketing executives roles in France, Europe and in the US.

In 2009, I had a personal encounter with a 3rd technology adventure, contactless technologies, which I describe and present in this blog. In the same time, I’ve helped companies to integrate in their innovation strategy and development, these  new technologies around contactless and the Internet of Things through my consulting firm NET-7 Innovation, member of CNRFID and the Internet of things Council.

Between March 2012 and December 2014, as mentionned to the blog readers in this post, I joined the Forum SMSC, a French association aiming at the deployment of NFC mobile services in France, as managing director while continuing to edit this blog with the same pedagogical approach to introduce innovative contactless services, while respecting confidentiality related to my duties in the Forum.
Since January 2015, I’m back as a consultant with NET-7 Innovation, member of ACSEL and the Internet of things Council. And in March 2015,  I’ve published the 1st business-oriented book about NFC services (in French)
Pierre Métivier

Publications (mostly French)
  • A video interview in which, I summarize the key aspects of the RFID Live Journal 2010, recorded and posted on Jean-Michel Billaut’s blog, a well-known and influential French technology blogger (in French)
  • Avis d’expert, an article about the iPhone potential influence on the contactless market published in « Le Journal du Net » in 2009
  • An article reviewing this blog during the last « Cartes 2010 » conference
  • An interview about the  RFID business on the discoverrfid.org site – 2010
  • Avis d’expert, an article about Google’s strategy arount NFC published in « Le Journal du Net » in 2011

Conference speaker (French and English)


  • You may find on Flickr many professional events images under Creative Commons licensing.

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